Hiring a nanny is the most practical solution for most working parents in the UK. Nannies are professionally trained to cater to the needs of toddlers. Therefore, as a parent, you can remain free from the guilt of not being able to provide the love, care and attention that your little one demands.

The Dependency on a Nanny Agency

While referencing is one effective way to find a professional nanny, you can also try contacting an agency. Here, you will get the chance to interact with skilled and experienced professionals. They possess all the qualities that it takes to look after your child and offer you a helping hand.

Reasons to Hire a Nanny from a Professional Agency:

Contacting a London nanny agency may increase your chances of getting the best nanny for your toddler. Below are some of the reasons for this claim.

  • Pre-screened Professionals:

Trust is the most important quality when looking for a nanny. When you get a professional from a reference, you might not have the opportunity to scan their records. However, this issue is non-existent in an agency. Here, all the nannies have their backgrounds checked. You can also get details about their current medical condition. Judging these details will make it easier for you to
find a suitable nanny.


    • Fair Salary Distribution:

      There is a growing misconception about nanny agencies. Many parents believe that hiring a nanny from an agency is a costly affair. However, this is not true, as you can choose a nanny based on their experience. The breakdown of their wage will depend on the years they have spent taking care of

    • A Solid Contract:

      The contract between the agency and nannies is rather strong. Although it has been tweaked a bit in the past few years, as a parent, you can be assured of finding a professional caregiver for your little one.


    To experience all these advantages, it is better to hire a professional nanny from an agency. You can contact Select Nannies, a well-known London nanny agency with over two decades of professional experience. Visit their website for more details.