Do you ever wonder if getting someone to care for your child would help? Then, hiring a nanny is the most practical option. They are professionals who can take good care of your little ones while you are busy with other vital tasks and chores.

Why Hire a Nanny?

While growing up, a child needs affection and love from their loved ones and those near them. As a parent, you are the best source to provide these emotions. However, it may not be possible for you to take care of the little one around the clock. Here’s where a nanny or a babysitter can come to your rescue.

Nanny Recruitment Basics: Things to Know

Hiring a good, professionally trained nanny is no short of a challenge. Before you reach a nanny recruitment agency, there are a few things to consider. You can find them described in the following part.

  • Similarities and Differences in Personality: 

Checking the personality of a nanny is tremendously underrated. However, it often becomes a make-or-break point of the relationship between the child and the individual. As your ward will spend most of their time with the nanny, you must confirm some vital points:


  • Preferred discipline technique of the nanny
  • Schedule followed for childcare
  • Activities or plays shared by the nanny


It is also essential to introduce your child to the nanny. Upon their interactions and reactions, you would get a clear idea about the similarities in their personalities.


  • Interest in Being with the Child:

    A nanny is expected to be comfortable caring for the child. However, as a parent, confirming that your nanny has a genuine interest in working with infants is vital. Trust your intuition while interviewing a candidate as a nanny. If you find something peculiar or unusual, do not forget to note them.

  • Treating Children with Special Needs:

    If your child has some special needs, you should modify your nanny recruitment process. Along with asking the generic questions, you must ask whether they can handle these situations. Look for a quick learner who is genuinely interested in learning about special needs, and they adapt them accordingly.


By considering these factors, you can expect a smooth nanny hiring process. To hire one from a renowned source, contact Select Nannies. We are a prominent nanny recruitment agency based in Addlestone. Our reputation as an agency stands for providing professional service and solutions to parents. For more information, you can contact us today.